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1. What is the difference between this year Go China+! EXPO 2021 to previous exhibitions? 

In the past, our exhibitions have helped hundreds of local brands to build a connection and leverage the ecosystem in China. This year, Go China+! EXPO aims to raise the bar by connecting local prestigious brands to direct consumers via online and offline channels and livestream sessions. The well-established and highly sophisticated omnichannel in China will enable tailored solution for cross-border trade for major prestigious local brands. By displaying your products and services through top China influential celebrities and local KOLs in livestream sessions, your brand will be viewed by millions of active Chinese buyers and target consumers, thereby gaining live feedbacks. 

2. What are brand ambassadors and how will they help? 

Brand ambassadors are China influential celebrities and local KOLs that will learn about products and professionally promote them on social media with high quality content. Brand ambassadors can also help brands to generate massive traffic on-site and online through livestream sessions, as well as gaining instant live feedbacks.   

3. When is Go China+! EXPO 2021? 

Livestream activities will begin on Friday 14th May 2021 and conclude on Sunday 20th June 2021. The exhibition (Open to public) will take place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of June 2021, followed by the forum and award ceremony on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. 

4. Where is Go China+! EXPO 2021 and what methods of transport can I take to get there? 

The exhibition will be held at The Cloud, located on Queen’s Wharf on the Auckland waterfront, in Auckland, New Zealand. The Cloud is conveniently located next to the ferry terminal and opposite Britomart Transport Centre. Public Parking is available at Britomart and Downtown Carparks. 

The forum and award ceremony will be held at Park Hyatt Auckland, located on the water’s edge in Wynyard Quarter. Park Hyatt Auckland offers 24-hour valet car parking service. For public transport, visit Auckland Transport or download the AT Mobile app to see the options available.  

5. What is “Omnichannel” and how will it help my brand? 

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience by integrating distribution, promotion, and communication channels on the back end. More Chinese consumers are turning to domestic channels when they make overseas brands purchases, and they want to choose a platform they trust. In addition, customers are located throughout China, with many residing in lower-tier cities where there is a reduced physical store footprint. As part of the omnichannel, the advance logistics network can help businesses reach these customers.  


It is more complex in China as the dramatical marketing expenditures for e-commerce businesses and the huge competitions that those online stores are facing and more and more customers are looking for multi-channel shopping experiences. To win the market share, be successful in China market, it is super important to understand and implement the new OMNI channel strategy.  

6. What other benefits can we expect from participating in the up-coming exhibition and forum? 

In addition to providing an omnichannel for kiwi businesses to the consumers in China, Stylecom also aims to focus on assisting local brands and businesses to grow sustainably and take advantage of the synergistic environment in the China’s market and omnichannel strategy. 

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